Report: V. Stiviano in car accident days after controversial Lasorda remark

Well, this is eerie.

V. Stiviano — the young woman who’s been near the center of the scandal involving Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling — reportedly was involved in a car wreck Monday in Beverly Hills, Calif., according to TMZ Sports.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver banned Sterling late last month after an investigation proved that it was his voice on an audio recording, one in which he was talking to Stiviano about how he did not want her bringing black people to games.

Uproar from players, owners and the public led to Sterling’s ban, and the NBA is investigating how to force a sale of the Clippers. But a long legal battle could ensue over whether Sterling can be forced to sell.

"I’m not a racist," Donald Sterling told CNN’s Anderson Cooper in excerpts posted from an interview taped Sunday. "I made a terrible mistake. I’m here to apologize."


Shelly Sterling’s comments came from ABC News in an interview with Barbara Walters. 

"I don’t know why I should be punished for what his actions were," she said.

LeBron James, perhaps the greatest player in the league, said Sunday that other NBA players believe no one in the Sterling family should be able to own the Clippers if Sterling is gone.

"As players, we want what’s right, and we don’t feel like no one in his family should be able to own the team," James said.