Watch Rudy Gobert throw down the massive two-handed alley-oop (VIDEO)

Sooner than later, Jazz opponents might only be safe when Rudy Gobert is on the bench.
Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

We all know just how awesome Rudy Gobert is on defense. But if he continues to improve on offense, things could go really well for the Utah Jazz this season.

Gobert doesn't need to do a whole lot on offense, mind you. For now, he's at his best when he comes hard off of a screen and rolls right down the middle of the paint, sucking a defense in as he goes. And if defenders aren't quick enough to react to him, and if his teammates get him the ball, then it's an easy two points, like in this clip of the top 10 plays from last week:

It's picture-perfect offense from Gobert, and just what the Jazz will need in 2015-16.

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