Rodney Hood on Quin Snyder: ‘I think he trusts us a little more this year’

In his second year in Utah, Quin Snyder won't have to be quite as hard-nosed.

The Utah Jazz turned it on in the second half of last year, and their progress over just 82 games reflected well on head coach Quin Snyder. Still, there was room for improvement — both on the court and in practice. Not just for the players, though; Snyder, too, had some growing to do.

Last season, Jazz forward Derrick Favors told reporters that Snyder was “a little uptight” in trying to get the Jazz turned around. That wasn't necessarily a bad thing; after a couple of down years, Utah probably needed some strict attention to detail. But in Snyder's second year as Jazz coach, things are apparently loosening up, to the point that Rodney Hood told the Deseret Morning News that Snyder has more trust in the team:

Trey Burke echoed the sentiment, saying that the players know Snyder's standards. And it's that mutual trust that will allow Snyder to pull back a little bit and let the guys have more fun. Hopefully, that give-and-take leads to a lot more wins in Utah.

“He’s a lot more, I wouldn’t say relaxed, but he’s a lot more confident in us because when we come in and practice we don’t play around,” second-year shooting guard Rodney Hood said. “We know what to do and we get it done, and we go on to the next thing. I think he trusts us a little more this year.”

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