Jazz coach Quin Snyder is pretty sick of the preseason, you guys

Snyder is as ready for the games to start counting as you are.
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport/USA TODAY Sports

The preseason can be a very good thing for NBA teams. Certain new schemes need to be added, new plays need to be practiced, and new additions to the team need time to get comfortable.

That's all great and everything. But Utah Jazz coach Quin Snyder sounds like he's ready to get to the games that matter (via the Deseret Morning News):

The Jazz have had a somewhat tumultuous offseason, as they traveled to Hawaii to face the Lakers in a preseason contest. That travel has thrown off Utah's rest and regular schedules, which has in turn led some to question whether the team has been fatigued during the preseason.

But as Snyder hints, the Jazz are among the NBA's leaders in using advanced technology to monitor their players' health and risk of injury. It's one of the reasons Snyder is so proactive in mixing up his rotations.

There are certainly questions facing the Jazz as they head into the 2015-16 season. But they'll be as ready as they can be.

“I'm looking forward to starting the season so we can stop speculating about our team, myself included, about their fatigue, about their emotional well-being, about all that stuff.

“We've got guys that are professional athletes, so we're paid to play. And just, well, we'll be ready to play. As far as all the other stuff goes, absolutely, we're conscious of it. But you can build things up to the point where, yeah, it's preseason, so we'll worry about that stuff like four (games) in five nights and (playing) back to back (when the regular season starts).

“Obviously there's no question, we're one of the teams that we put a tremendous amount of not just awareness but effort into keeping our guys fresh and managing those things. So we'll continue to do that,” Snyder said. “I think we're in a good place.”

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