Trae Young dealt with the consequences of dealing out embarrassment

Trae Young is one of the NBA’s most electric young stars.

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He’s averaging 29.8 points and 9.4 assists, and he’s a walking highlight on the court.

With all of that said, Trevor Ariza refused to be electrocuted.

It’s safe to say this was Young’s first, true ‘welcome to the NBA’ moment of his career. So far, most things have come easy.

In fact, Young has made the nutmeg his signature move this NBA season, catching multiple victims off-guard.

There was veteran point guard Ricky Rubio:

Put rookie R.J. Barrett on the list:

All-Star center Nikola Jokic also fell victim:

No one is safe.

But at the same time, Ariza made it clear that Young’s signature trick is on the radar of opposing teams going forward.

It came as no surprise that someone finally took exception, and that was someone was a veteran, championship player.

It was a throwback play from Ariza that reminded fans of a time when a little hip-check was common and hard fouls were part of the game.

Young’s trickery is more a sign of current times, where youngsters operate with confidence, not fearing any repercussions for their slick – and somewhat disrespectful – maneuvers.

And that’s fine.

If you’re going to attempt to embarrass an opponent, just be okay when they don’t feel like being embarrassed.

Ariza delivered the consequences and Young dealt with them in stride.

We’ll see who Young decides to dupe next.

Chances are, he’ll choose wisely.