Bruno Caboclo’s parents wanted him to be a pro athlete — but not in the NBA

NBA player, professional volleyball player -- it's the same thing, right?
Tom Szczerbowski/Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

It's almost time for another exciting season of Toronto Raptors basketball, which means one thing: You only have a couple days left to get to know your favorite Raptors players. And this is one with whom you might be unfamiliar. Meet Bruno Caboclo, the man some call “The Brazilian KD”:

Caboclo reveals that he doesn't have anyone's autograph by his own — a true keeping-it-100 move for an NBA player — and that his parents wanted him to be a professional athlete when he grew up. They just wanted him to be a volleyball player, not necessarily an NBA player.

As for his last meal? Caboclo busts out the inner kid in all of us: Chocolate ice cream cake.

It might not be on the Raptors' nutrition plan, but if it's your last meal, why not?

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