Timberwolves Prediction: Winning It All This Season (Part 3)

We’re all Timberwolves fans here (right?); we might as well enjoy an unlikely championship run prediction and what that might look like…

This is the third and final part in an extremely optimistic series on how the Timberwolves will win it all this season.

In the previous two parts, the Wolves earned the #3 seed in the playoffs and beat the Rockets in the first round. They moved on to beat the Thunder in six games and then beat the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.

The 2017 NBA Finals feature the Minnesota Timberwolves vs. the Milwaukee Bucks. The Timberwolves started as the #3-seed in the West and the Bucks as the #2-seed in the East, but because the Timberwolves had a better record, they get home court advantage.

Games 1 & 2

The big match up everyone will be talking about is Ricky Rubio and Matthew Dellavedova. Rubio is a facilitator, while Delly is more of a toughness player. Both players have different playing styles but they are floor generals who seem to always have their part in each play.

Andrew Wiggins goes off in the first two games, scoring 35 in Game One and then 38 in Game Two. Giannis Antetokounmpo plays well for the Bucks while Jabari Parker leading the scoring load for the Bucks.

The Timberwolves win the first two games while it begins to look like the Timberwolves will win their first title in their existence. They head to Milwaukee with a 2-0 lead on the Bucks.

Games 3 & 4

The Milwaukee Bucks come out in Game Three with a massive sense of urgency. Delly has 24 points and 12 assists while Michael Beasley has an additional 28 points.

Timberwolves’ Karl Anthony-Towns plays fantastic with 30 points and 15 rebounds while Zach LaVine has 20 points for the Wolves, but in the end the Bucks win Game Three, 96-88.

In Game Four, Wiggins steps up yet again. Not wanting to waste a championship opportunity, Wiggins scores 42 points in Game Four as the Timberwolves win game four 106-103 in Milwaukee.

Game 5

Heading back to Minnesota, the Timberwolves are up 3-1. The fans are hyped up. The Wolves have a legitimate shot of winning a championship on their home court.

The game opens with a phenomenal first quarter by Zach LaVine. He scores 16 points in the first frame and the Wolves lead 32-24 heading into the second quarter.

The Milwaukee Bucks tried erasing the eight-point deficits, but the defensive system led by NBA Coach of the Year Tom Thibodeau shuts down the Bucks’ scorers. The Timberwolves offense rolls on, and the Bucks are forced to guard LaVine tightly on the perimeter, opening the floor for Wiggins and Towns.

The Milwaukee Bucks fall apart in Game Five. Wiggins scores 34 points while Towns scores 25 points with 14 rebounds. LaVine finishes with 24 points of his own. The Timberwolves win Game Five, 110-92.

NBA Champions

The Timberwolves are 2017 NBA Champions. After 28 years, the Timberwolves finally did it, and Andrew Wiggins is the Finals MVP.

The Wolves started the season as 100-1 odds to win it all, but have beaten the odds to win the championship. Wiggins, Towns, and the rest of the Wolves shocked the NBA world, leaving powerhouse teams like Golden State and Cleveland licking their wounds as they prepare for the off-season.

Okay, so this was not realistic, but it was a fun scenario! Let’s just enjoy it…

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