Timberwolves Blogcaps: 12/11/16 – 12/18/16

Welcome to a weekly feature that will take you on a spin around the Timberwolves blogosphere — this should be your new one-stop shop for everything Wolves.

Below you’ll find a fairly comprehensive list of links to solid Wolves-related pieces from around the Timberwolves blogosphere last week.

We’re aiming to run this piece on a weekly basis, so sit back, relax, and enjoy.

  • Canis Hoopus: 
    • Dane Moore tries to figure out the problems with the Timberwolves defense. He also reacts to the Wolves player rankings by the Dunc’d on Basketball Podcast.
    • Josh Clement revisits the Timberwolves victories after the All-Star break last season.
    • Eric In Madison examines the implications of the new CBA for the Timberwolves.
  • A Wolf Among Wolves:
    • Zach Harper pays tribute to Craig Sager’s legacy.
    • Lucas Seehafer echoes Timberwolves trade rumors from ESPN’s TrueHoop Podcast.
    • Andy Grimsrud breaks down the Timberwolves transitional defense.
  • On The Prowl: 
    • Eric Page is puzzled by the Timberwolves struggles.

Quote of the Week

From Eric Page of On the Prowl:

What I see is a team wildly inconsistent on the defensive end that seems mentally incapable of winning close games. I see a team that has regressed under Thibodeau in ways we all expected it to make progress. I see a timid Kris Dunn (although improving) and an at times confused Karl-Anthony Towns. I see a coach who doesn’t trust his bench (partly for good reason) burning out his starters too early in games. I see guys trying to play hero ball to stop runs but more often fueling opponents’ momentum by turning the ball over or missing shots that trigger transition. And during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s loss to the Warriors, I saw a team defeated well before the game was over.

Mhm. You, my friend, are echoing my lament about this team all season. The Timberwolves appear surprised–too excited, you could argue–when they retake leads, causing them to fall behind and lose games by a close margin.

I have reiterated this point in different ways, and it’s not going away: The Timberwolves need to play like contenders in the second half in order to more win games.

Play to win.


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