Timberwolves Blogcaps: 11/13/16 – 11/20/16

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The Most Interesting Article This Week Belonged to …

Evan Hagen of Howlin’ T-Wolf. I agree with Evan’s argument on Rubio, but I will take it a step further: he is the most underappreciated Wolves player of all time.

Rubio was the subject of trade rumors during the offseason, the preseason and the regular season. When he sprained his elbow, many in the twittersphere suggested his Wolves tenure was over.

Kris Dunn was going to step in, have an immediately impact and relegate Rubio, if he was still around, to the bench. Unfortunately, he failed to live up to the hype that was generated when he was drafted with the 5th overall pick.

Contrast Dunn’s performances to Rubio’s return, and you could clearly see that the Wolves sorely missed his presence.

Ricky Rubio, regardless of what the pundits say, is a integral part of the Timberwolves’ future. That is not a Hyperbole. That is a fact.

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