Thunder coach has an interesting response when asked about no-call on Waiters

Billy Donovan didn't have any answers. 

Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich had a mild reaction when he was asked about the controversial no-call on Dion Waiters which ignited one of the craziest end-of-game possessions the league has ever seen. 

Thunder head coach Billy Donovan didn’t have any reaction at all.

In answering a poorly-worded question about it, Donovan seemed to not have any idea what the reporter was talking about in regards to Waiters committing an offensive foul on the inbounds pass that went uncalled by the officials.

Again, that was not the best way (or even an acceptable way) to ask Donovan that question, so it’s plausible he really didn’t understand what was being asked.

Either that, or Donovan has the greatest poker face in NBA history.