This date in 1974: Jabbar lifts Bucks past Celtics in thrilling Finals game

Nice fro, Kareem.

NBA Photo Library/NBAE/Getty Images

41 years ago today, the Milwaukee Bucks sported three of their best players in franchise history: Bob Dandridge, Oscar Robertson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Jabbar, of course, played much of his Bucks years under the moniker Lew Alcindor.

But by his team's 1974 Finals appearance against the Boston Celtics, he was Mr. Jabbar, and he was one of the most feared scorers of all time. Against Havlicek's Celtics, he led the Bucks to a 102-101, double-overtime victory that pushed the series to an epic Game 7, as the Bucks' Twitter account reminded us today:

The Celtics, unfortunately, went on to win the series, which was the Bucks' first reappearance in the Finals since beating the Baltimore Bullets for the title in 1971.

Now, can the new young Bucks aspire to what Jabbar and Co. did so long ago, and bring Milwaukee back to the promised land?