The Utah Jazz have the best doctors in the NBA

Jazz coach Quin Snyder has a lot of help from the men with the stethoscopes.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport/USA TODAY Sports

Success in the NBA is less transparent than it may seem. Often, it deserves credit in largely unseen places.

In the case of the Utah Jazz, the team's stability has owed a lot to a particular behind-the-scenes group over the years: their doctors.

The NBA recently honored long-time Jazz team physicians, Dr. Lyle Mason and Dr. Russell Shields, as 2015's Physicians of the Year. Both have been with the team for 36 years, which is no small feat.

So rest easy with your fears of young Rudy Gobert's unique frame breaking down, Jazz fans. There's a reason that injuries haven't been a big story for the Jazz over the years, and this is it.