The Replay: Instagram Live and TMZ Sports

On this week’s episode of The Replay, we continue to work through our feelings regarding Instagram Live. We also finally give TMZ Sports the coverage it deserves.

Before we get to the NBA though, we take a moment to appreciate all January has to offer in the worlds of sports and pop culture.  We chat a bit about Clemson’s victory and Golden Globes madness.

We then discuss what it feels like to live in a world where you can watch Allen Iverson tour his hotel room on Instagram Live while you are stuck waiting for the subway. This is simultaneously a testament to man’s ingenuity (wi-fi on subway platforms!) and our insatiable voyeurism. Do we really need to know whether or not AI is satisfied with the toilet in his hotel? Probably not, but we are still very much here for it.

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We couldn’t help but chat a bit about the fact multiple NBA players think it is okay to just not show up. Mike Dunleavy Jr. neglected to report for duty in Atlanta and Derrick Rose went completely MIA in New York. Is this the new normal? It feels particularly absurd in a world where we are able to track players’ every move.

Speaking of players we constantly monitor, it seems that no NBA discussion is complete these days without a mention of the Process. We chat about Joel Embiid and debate just how much coverage we can give him this year. We would love some listener input on this, do you want more or less Embiid?

Lastly, We finish up with a discussion of NBA vets chasing their dreams. In particular, Lamar Odom’s recent revelation to TMZ Sports that he wants to coach the Lakers. If you’re as baffled as we are by how TMZ scores such hot scoop, we hope you enjoy our little game of “TMZ Headline or fake headline.”

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