The Mid-Range Theory Podcast Episode 3: Logjam in Philly

The Philadelphia 76ers are suddenly flush in the frontcourt but that logjam isn’t going to resolve itself. FanSided’s Senior NBA editor Ian Levy (@HickoryHigh) and and OG contributor Tommy Dee (@ThomasCDee) discuss who works together and who is worth moving.


  • Noel, Okafor and Embid can they all play together or is it time to make a deal?
  • Is the Okafor-type player obsolete? (5:00)
  • Is Tyson Chandler a good comparison for Noel? (6:40)
  • Which big pairs best with Ben Simmons (9:45)
  • Why Philly needs to be relevant (14:00)
  • NBA Rookie ROY survey (16:59)
  • Rookies who play more minutes is a blessing or a curse? (18:30)
  • Which rookies are in great situations to have a big impact? (20:57)
  • Is Ty Lawson a fit in Sacramento (24:00)
  • Lawson to Houston was very Isiah Thomas of Daryl Morey (25:30)
  • Darrin Collison’s underrated year (on the court) (28:45)
  • Where we rank Nikola Jokic compared with Towns and Porzingis (31:00)

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