The Mid-Range Theory: Noel wants out and wrapping up media days

On Episode 7 of The Mid-Range Theory podcast, Tommy Dee and Ian Levy wrap-up some of the big stories from NBA media days and discuss Nerlens Noel’s comments about the frontcourt logjam in Philadelphia.

FanSided’s Senior NBA editor Ian Levy (@HickoryHigh) and and OG contributor Tommy Dee (@ThomasCDee) circle up to talk about some of the big stories out of NBA media days, including the process-focused Boston Celtics, Nerlens Noel voicing frustration in Philadelphia, and the tangled backcourt rotation of the Phoenix Suns. They also touch on the news of Kevin Garnett’s immediate retirement and Paul Pierce’s impending one, trying to place each all-time great in a historical context.


Ian reports from Boston Celtics Media Day
Nerlens Noel basically insinuating he wants out of Philly and what that means for the 76ers moving forward (2:45)
What stops teams who try to build the team through the draft from progressing (7:00)
Suns have some questions at point guard that needs answering (13:04)
The Derrick Rose situation continues to escalate (16:26)
Kevin Garnett retiring because of Tom Thibodeau? (21:00)
All-time better defender, KG or Tim Duncan and the real value of “guarding 5 spots” (23:24)
Garnett is properly rated All-time after Tommy remembers where he was actually ranked (26:27)
Paul Pierce’s swan song (30:40)

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