The Cleveland Cavaliers Are Severely Unbalanced, But Does It Matter?

As of now, the Cleveland Cavaliers have five shooting guards on the roster and one healthy center. Will an unbalance like this hurt them come playoff time?

Before the signing of Derrick Williams, the Cleveland Cavaliers had only Kevin Love and Channing Frye as the power forwards. Tristan Thompson is the teams only healthy center, but no worries, they do have five shooting guards.

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After the addition of Kyle Korver, the Cavaliers were able to bolster their outside shooting even more as they will eventual prepare for a Warriors-Cavs trilogy. But, do they need to put more of a focus on balancing their lineup?

Two point guards, five shooting guards, three small forwards, now three power forwards, and one healthy center. So, in theory, if anything happens to Tristan Thompson, the Cavaliers would be forced to play a small ball lineup.

This unbalanced attack does not seem to be a problem for Cleveland as they are an Eastern Conference best 36-15. The front court minutes could eventual hurt them though. Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love are both playing 29+ minutes a night. Thompson has been a force for the Cavaliers overall though. He hasn’t missed a regular season game in four years. Love, on the other hand, needs the time to rest.

It has yet to be a problem for this team, but their unbalanced ratio of front court to backcourt players could be a problem if injuries start to set in come late April.

Tell us. Do you think that having this unbalanced is bad?

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