The Chicago Bulls vs. John Wick II

The Chicago Bulls are playing the fifth of six consecutive road games in Arizona tonight. Bulls basketball is one of our favorite things, and that is magnified when they’re playing against a team they should beat. However, they’re not just competing with the Phoenix Suns tonight, they’ll also be going up against John Wick II.

Chicago should be favored to win a basketball game tonight, that’s worth watching. As John Wick, Keanu Reeves is set to eliminate all bad dudes with, as Major Payne would say, extreme prejudice.

So, we’ve got ourselves in a situation. If you’re just catching up on the Bulls’ body of work this season, it’s been a mixed bag. They’re one game under .500 right now, but still ahead of the plummeting Charlotte Hornets. If you’re just catching up on John Wick’s body of work, it’s a lot of firearms and explosions – the fun kind.

Have you been watching this team all season? If you have, you should be starting to get a really good feel for how they play and how Fred Hoiberg runs the same substitution patterns over and over. While it certainly isn’t a Wick film, Hoiberg has thrown in just enough random M. Night Shyamalan twists via DNP-to starting-to DNP that it stays at least a little fresh.

If you saw the first John Wick movie, you probably understand the glory of it all. There are cars, people, fighting, explosions. And Keanu throwing a very Constantine vibe, but instead of actual demons, he’s battling against his own demons. Maybe.

The two big things in favor of catching the Bulls game tonight: Watching a Chicago win feels good most of the time and Jimmy Butler should be playing after missing a string of games. No one likes to watching losing. The attendance and viewership of Bulls games is in decline, but having the privilege to watch a player like Butler is unique. His return should do a lot to move the needle, both in terms of winning and watchability.

The return of John Wick should do a lot for the Keanu brand. Having the privilege of watching John Wick II on opening night in theaters is also a unique opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. Reeves is winning with this franchise and it is extremely watchable if you like Keanu, firearms, and watching movies.

It’s really hard to make a decision, but by duty I’ll be watching Chicago take on the Suns tonight. If you have the option between the two, I’d ask you, the reader, to listen to your heart. Does your heart tell you to watch the Bulls play in Phoenix or does it tell you to watch John Wick II? I think we both know the answer, but since this is a Chicago blog I can’t tell you watch to do.

Please enjoy some popcorn at the theater for me. And please, no spoilers on Twitter until at least Monday. Happy John Wick II Day, everyone.

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