Teague Time: Jeff Teague Is Lighting It Up In 2017

Jeff Teague has looked like an All-Star caliber player for the Indiana Pacers since the new year began.

The Eastern Conference is stacked with point guards, so Jeff Teague isn’t getting as much recognition as he probably should be. You’ve got Isaiah Thomas, an MVP candidate of the Boston Celtics. Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors, Kemba Walker of the Charlotte Hornets, and John Wall of the Washington Wizards.

But the Indiana Pacers are 11-4 in 2017 and Teague has a lot to do with the success.

In January, Teague averaged 16.3 points per game on 54.8% shooting from the field and 46.7% shooting from three-point land. He also averaged 5 rebounds per game and a massive 9.8 assists per game. Those numbers are really impressive. Especially the efficiency, considering how poorly Teague started the season.

More from Teague in January: He handed out at least 7 assists in every single game during that month, including five in which he posted 10+ assists. Teague came close to recording a triple-double several times during January.

Teague has helped himself, but more importantly, he’s helped his team. The Pacers averaged 110.8 points per game in January. When you score that many points, you have a good chance at winning. Everyone on the Pacers plays better when Teague is at his best.

We just barely got into February, but Teague is showing some good signs of having another really good month of basketball. The Pacers are 3-0 this month following Saturday night’s win against the Detroit Pistons. In those three games, Teague has averaged 16.7 points per game and 7.7 assists per game. He’s also shooting a blistering 42.9% from deep, and 46.4% overall.

A tough schedule is looming for the Pacers, so they’re going to need this kind of Jeff Teague every night. They play the Cleveland Cavaliers, Washington Wizards, and Oklahoma City Thunder in three of their next five games. Teague will need to bring it. Thankfully, 2017 is treating him very well.

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