Stu Jackson to provide analysis for NBA TV

Former NBA executive vice president of operations Stu Jackson is

joining NBA TV, providing analysis on rules, discipline and other

areas that he oversaw in the league office.

He also will take questions from fans on Twitter and give his

insights on

Jackson left his position on Aug. 1 after more than 13 years at

the league, where he was in charge of all matters relating to play

on the court. He said moving into broadcasting will give him a

chance to stay involved.

”It’s something that it gives me a platform to talk about

issues surrounding the NBA which are near to me,” Jackson said.

”It’s a good way to obviously be out there and still be a part of

the NBA.”

Jackson hopes to use his position to provide clarifications on

rules matters – perhaps such as the play near the end of a Houston

victory at New York on Nov. 14, when even Knicks coach Mike Woodson

wasn’t aware a foul called before Carmelo Anthony attempted a shot

wasn’t reviewable. The league began providing more resources to

fans under Jackson, including a video rulebook at

”You need only to look at the number of websites that have

popped up in recent years with respect to officiating and

play-calling analytics to understand that there’s definitely an

appetite among fans that is present and will continue to grow,”

Jackson said. ”You not only see it in the NBA but you see it

across all professional sports because fans are becoming more

sophisticated. They have an insatiable need and thirst for rules

and interpretations, and just to understand what goes on in the

minds of professional leagues, particularly the NBA.”

Rod Thorn replaced Jackson and fines rose sharply in the first

month from Jackson’s last year. Jackson said perhaps the league has

shifted the line of interpretation in some areas.

”Players are being warned for flops that previously we didn’t

warn,” he said. ”That’s been one noticeable change.”

Jackson’s first Twitter chat is scheduled for Friday (he’s and his first in-studio appearance is

scheduled for Dec. 13. He will also appear on a monthly podcast

with Reggie Miller called ”You have to be kidding me!”