Stephen Curry was so good in 8th grade that his father had to leave the gym

Watching Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry when he's feeling it is an experience. He's captivated the league with his abilities to get off seemingly any shot he wants. It's a big reason why he's the MVP.

Back in 8th grade, though, the world wasn't so familiar with Curry's abilities. That could lead to a few embarrassing moments where he would shoot the other team out of the gym. Sometimes, apparently, he'd even shoot his own dad out of the gym. 

Here's more from Lee Jenkins in a profile of Curry at Sports Illustrated:

He [Stephen Curry] describes the first time he stepped inside that blast furnace, as an eighth-grader in Toronto, playing for a travel team called the 5–0. “I shot everywhere,” Curry says, “and I couldn’t miss.”

He scored 63 points that day, but his dad skipped the last 20 because he was in a hallway outside the gym. “All these people were coming in to see what was going on, and there was so much commotion, it seemed like he was never going to stop,” former NBA marksman Dell Curry recalls. “I had to get out of there. I felt bad for the other team. I couldn’t watch what he was doing to those kids.”

(h/t Sports Illustrated)