Stephen Curry reveals his pick for NBA MVP

The race for MVP in the NBA was essentially non-existent last season, mainly because Stephen Curry was that much better than everyone else — so much so that he won the award by unanimous vote for the first time in league history.

This season, however, is a completely different story. There are four players — James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook — who are all putting together incredible individual seasons, and you could even go six deep if you wanted to add Isaiah Thomas and Kevin Durant to the mix.

The race is tighter than ever, and a case can be made for every one of those guys. Curry was asked to give his pick Monday on The Dan Patrick Show, provided he couldn’t vote for himself or any of his teammates. He went with Harden, and explained the reason why.

“I’d probably say James,” Curry said. “You kind of have to reward the better team, I would think, record-wise. That’s just kind of going in the history of the MVP award. So, I think James will probably edge him out just off of that.”

The “him” was referring to Westbrook, who has almost single-handedly made sure that the Thunder will be a playoff team this year. Harden, though, is leading the league in assists, and the Rockets are 14.5 games better in the standings.