Steph Curry praises high schooler’s half-court ‘Babe Ruth’ 3-pointer

To a certain type of basketball fan, high schooler LaMelo Ball’s recent ridiculous, half-court, “called his shot” 3-pointer represents the inevitable decline of Western civilization as precipitated by the outlaw Stephen Curry.

This was always the risk, such fans will tell you: as Curry embraced chucking from whatever distance he so desired, so too would the children. Even Curry’s former coach, Mark Jackson, openly wondered what effect the two-time MVP would have on our future.

Well, Curry’s seen the highlight, and he has nothing but praise for the younger brother of UCLA freshman Lonzo Ball (via Let’s Go Warriors):

“That was some confidence right there. The fact that he made it, I wonder if he’s done it before and missed it. It’s the highlight-driven generation, so that right there was pretty unbelievable, though. For him to call his shot like Babe Ruth and knock it down and act like nothing happened. So shoutout to him.”

Now that the Warriors are focused on running more pick-and-roll and Curry’s feeling a little more like his old self, I have just one question: What are the chances last year’s unanimous MVP decides to pay homage to Ball during an NBA game this season?

Given that such a shot from Curry might traumatize coach Steve Kerr, I’m setting the odds at something like 500/1. In the All-Star Game, though, all bets are off.

(Thanks to CBS Sports for sharing.)