Steph Curry’s pregame warmup was better than NBA 2K16’s version of the MVP

There are going to be highlight truthers all over this post who exclaim, "But he didn’t do it from halfcourt!"

That is technically true. If you’re trying to shoot down how incredible Stephen Curry is by saying that going six-for-six from about 40 feet away from the basket isn’t impressive, though, you’re probably just not a fan of the Golden State Warriors:

Yes, you have to click play on the video above, and we all hate doing that. It’s totally worth it, though, we promise. The fourth one in particular is just filthy; he hesitates, resets and still drains a shot from the very edge of the logo. It’s seriously something out of NBA 2K16, especially this past week when the popular video game jacked Curry’s rating all the way up to 99:

Then, just for good measure, Curry nailed his traditional shot from the tunnel before Game 1:

We’ll update you as soon as the game starts as to whether this was a bad omen for the Oklahoma City Thunder. If the internet literally bursts into flames, however, you’ll already know.

UPDATE: 11:45 PM ET: Curry finished his night 6-for-14 on 3s, setting a new NBA record for most consecutive playoff games with a made triple. Unfortunately for the reigning MVP, it wasn’t enough to beat the Thunder.