Phil Jackson thinks he’s seen Steph Curry’s act before

Phil Jackson knows basketball, but he's way off here.

David Livingston/Getty Images

On Saturday night, in one of the most memorable NBA games in recent weeks, Golden State Warriors demigod Stephen Curry singlehandedly crushed the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

He needed 38 minutes to break one all-time record (most three pointers in one season, with 288), tie another (most three pointers in one game, with 12) and score 46 points on just 24 shots. 

The finishing blow was this back-breaking 35-footer right before the buzzer, to give Golden State a three-point lead in overtime.

The performance was unforgettable and reminded the basketball universe that we’ve never seen anything like Curry before. Ever. But New York Knicks President Phil Jackson, ever the troll, doesn’t agree:

This is odd and poorly timed. Curry is the greatest shooter ever, and at 27 years old, in his seventh season, he’s still improving. The reigning MVP is currently shooting a career-best 46.8 percent behind the three-point line (only two players are more accurate this year) on a league-high 615 attempts. 

His numbers are surreal, and he plays for a team that may ultimately be remembered as the best ever. 

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf played nine seasons in the NBA and never shot above 40 percent behind the three-point line. 

He was an explosive scorer, particularly in college — where he averaged 29 points in two seasons at LSU — and an argument can be made that he simply existed before his time, in an era when the outside shot wasn’t nearly as prioritized as it is right now. 

But … he wasn’t Curry. Nobody is, and we should all probably stop trying to think of a comparison and just enjoy the unforgettable moments he generously gives us each and every night.