WATCH: This is the insane Stephen Curry shot everyone’s talking about

Is there no limit to what Stephen Curry can do?

Nelson Chenault/Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The reigning MVP has taken our collective breath away countless times since he evolved into his current thermonuclear form. Wednesday night, in a 100-84 win over the Memphis Grizzlies, however, Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry might have topped all of his previous highlights with this spectacular shot:

This is getting out of hand. You can’t quite make it out in this Vine unless you keep your eye on the clock atop the backboard, but there were 19 seconds on the shot clock when Curry tossed up that prayer. Even when he’s just trying to draw a foul on the other team, Curry manages to make a ridiculous 30-foot, banked-in, one-footed jumper look like it’s no big deal.

You almost have to feel sorry for the Grizzlies at this point. They can’t seem to escape Curry’s wrath. 

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