Doc Rivers compares Steph Curry’s injury to the Celtics losing to the Lakers

If the Clips can take care of the Blazers, they should meet up with the Curry-less Warriors in the next round.

Richard Mackson/Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Doc Rivers knows what the Golden State Warriors are going through right now — or so Rivers claims, anyway.

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry will be out for at least two weeks (and probably longer) after suffering an MCL sprain in Sunday’s game against the Houston Rockets. While the NBA world sympathizes with Golden State, no one’s about to feel sorry for the defending champions. Injuries happen, and sometimes they change the course of championship history. We accept it and move on.

Or most of us do. But Rivers, the current Los Angeles Clippers coach and former head man in Boston, couldn’t help but mention his Celtics teams of a few years ago when asked about Curry’s injury.


Doc Rivers on Steph Curry: “I don’t want anyone to get injured ever… It happened to us in Boston. No Kevin (Garnett) one year and Perk (Kendrick Perkins) hurt for Game 7 (2010 NBA Finals). It’s part of it. It’s still a team game at the end of the day but you obviously don’t want a guy like that to ever go down.”

Okay, sure. The Kevin Garnett comparison kind of makes sense. Garnett is a future Hall of Famer, and he was one of the most important players on those Celtics squads.

Kendrick Perkins, though? Really, Doc? You’re going to compare Stephen Curry to Kendrick Perkins?

We get what Rivers is driving at. Every member of a title squad is important and plays their role. Being down even one rotation player is a big deal. If Perkins is healthy, maybe the Celtics beat the Lakers for the 2010 title. And if Garnett had been healthy, maybe Boston would have advanced to the 2009 NBA Finals rather than losing to the Magic in the conference semis. Fine.

But comparing Curry’s absence to that of Perkins is like comparing brain surgery to a scuffed knee. Both are technically injuries. One just matters a whole lot more than the other.