Steph Curry practiced his NBA 2K16 skills as the Warriors crushed the Cavs

There wasn’t a whole lot for Stephen Curry to do in the fourth quarter against the Cavaliers in Game 2. As the Warriors cruised to a 30-point lead, the MVP was on the bench, just kind of zoning out. 

Maybe he was reminiscing about that magical stretch just last month when Curry had a 99 rating in NBA 2K16. Maybe the Golden State point guard is just really excited to learn that you can win thousands of dollars playing 2K. Perhaps he can mentally control teammate Shaun Livingston like some sort of bizarre horry movie. Or, most likely, maybe he was just really bored. Whatever the case, Curry broke out a pretend controller and got in some practice on his gaming skills on the sideline:

More of a classic gamer? Then you might prefer your video-game-mime Curry in an NBA Jam vintage:

Who knows? If Curry’s that big of a gamer, he could end up on the cover of NBA 2K himself sooner than later, just like Paul George.