Steph Curry provides a sneak peek at his All-Star kicks

Curry can't be stopped. Just look at those shoes.
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Steph Curry’s shoe game is almost on the same level as his, um, actual game. The Golden State Warriors’ MVP is shaking up the sneaker market with his signature Under Armour kicks, and it feels like only a matter of time before his shoe is the most popular shoe—if it isn’t already.

With the release of a special colorway for All-Star Weekend, Curry’s ascendance to the top spot might’ve already happened:

Under Armour will never stop doing cartwheels over their decision to sign Curry when they did. Talk about foresight—he’s arguably the most beloved NBA player of his generation and consumers appear amped to back the reigning MVP. 

That includes purchasing all his sneakers. 

The specific look of his All-Star sneaker is very clean, super minimalist and altogether awesome. There’s no guarantee you’ll shoot like Curry after putting them on, but who’s to say it’s impossible? (Sorry, it is impossible. But you’ll still look really cool!)