Stephen Curry’s big night inspires Chris Webber to sing old video game tunes

Chris Webber seemed impressed with Stephen Curry's shooting Tuesday -- but he might need to update his video game collection because his references were a little dated.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Webber is a grown man who doesn’t have time for your silly "Call of Duty" or "NBA Live."

The "NBA Gametime" analyst hardly broke new ground Tuesday night, when he compared Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry’s shooting and dribbling skills to a video game. Curry was 8 for 11 from beyond the 3-point line in the Warriors’ 114-97 win over the Miami Heat, so he actually did resemble a video game character on "easy" mode.

But that wasn’t the sort of video game Webber was referring to, apparently.

"Look at this," Webber said during a highlight of Curry crossing over a defender and draining a three. "Video game. Bang!"

Webber then started tooting a medley of 8-bit video game tunes, including "Ms. Pac-Man" and "Super Mario Bros."

To which co-host Ernie Johnson remarked, "When’s the last time you played a video game, dude?"

Webber eventually saved himself — sort of — by shouting, "He’s on fire!" Sure, "NBA Jam" came out 21 years ago, but at least it’s a basketball video game, unlike the other two. That is, unless you count Ms. Pac-Man, who was sort of basketball-shaped.


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