Steph Curry wants to travel back in time and humble a 14-year-old named Fat Jimmy

There’s been a lot of talk over the last few days about how the Golden State Warriors wouldn’t have been able to survive in previous eras of the NBA. Oscar Robertson and Isiah Thomas are adamant they could fight their way through an elevator screen to get a hand in Steph Curry’s face. Stephen Jackson is certain the ’06-07 Warriors could’ve beaten this team. He said so three times in a row.

Well, the Warriors heard you jawing, and now they’re reacting. Andrew Bogut got the ball rolling on Friday, sarcastically suggesting that his U-14 teammate Fat Jimmy could’ve put the clamps on Curry. 

Naturally, Curry had questions. Who is this "Fat Jimmy"? And is he trying to catch this 40-foot jumper?

Draymond Green got in on the fun too, joking about an issue that the Warriors’ detractors seem to be bringing up more and more. He was, however, nice enough to call Jimmy "Big" and not "Fat."

Curry spoke to Marcus Thompson and Tim Kawakami on Friday’s episode of "Warriors Plus Minus" about the string of tweets, but more importantly, about all of the criticism the Warriors have been on the receiving end of. 

"It’s starting to get a little annoying just because it’s kind of unwarranted from across the board,” Curry said. “We have a very competent group, and we have fun when we’re out there on the floor, and it shows, obviously."

Fair enough. But here’s what needs to happen now: Jimmy needs to grab Oscar Robertson, Isiah Thomas, Stephen Jackson and, as of this morning, Cedric Ceballos, and challenge the Warriors to a pickup game to 21. I know this isn’t possible and wouldn’t settle any sort of debate, but how much fun would it be to watch? Plus they could put ridiculous stakes on it, like loser has to change their Twitter AVI for three months or go to the nearest intersection and Milly Rock in nothing but their compression shorts.