Steph Curry visits Brody Stephens, a young leukemia patient, during day off

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

In-between playing the Milwaukee Bucks and Indiana Pacers on the road, Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry used his day off to visit Brody Stephens — a young die-hard basketball fan who, per the family's GoFundMe page, is currently battling leukemia for the second time in his life.

The description of Brody's donation page reads as follows:

Brody is a 7 year old boy that is fighting leukemia for the second time in his life. He beat AML when he was 18 months old. 4 years and 11 months later Brody was rediagnosed with ALL leukemia. Brody has basically been in hospital since December of 2015 doing many rounds of chemotherapy to get his body in remission. He is now preparing to go to bone marrow transplant. He is a huge sports fan and loves Basketball and football. One of his dreams is to meet Steph Curry. We are getting closer!!!!

Actually, “die-hard basketball fan” doesn't do Brody justice. Whenever he's not in the hospital, per a great feature via The Indianapolis Star, Brody is playing basketball.

After eight months in the hospital enduring treatments for leukemia, his second bout with the disease, Brody is home getting to enjoy the small things in life. Not for long, though.

Although his counts didn't drop to the level doctors wanted them to for a bone marrow transplant, they were close. So on Aug. 25, 7-year-old Brody will go back to the hospital for a surgery that is his only chance at survival.

“He knows that ultimately for him to get better and get home and to play basketball next year, this is what we've got to do,” said his dad Jason Stephens. “I'm scared as hell. He sees it as the next step.”

IndyStar featured Brody, a basketball lover from New Palestine and quite a player himself, last month as he went through chemo at Riley. A 3-on-3 tournament was being played in his honor to raise funds, the 40th annual Gav's Classic. That tournament, put on by friend Bob Gavaghan and his family, raised nearly $10,000 to send Brody to Disney World after he gets better.

Earlier this week, we got a glimpse of Brody pursuing his passion while undergoing treatment:

Fast-forward to Sunday, and look who showed up to pay Brody a visit — Steph Curry!

Simply an amazing moment.