Steph Curry shows the hang time with incredible layup

The Warriors’ Stephen Curry had to improvise when his pass was cut off so, instead, he completed an incredible reverse layup.

Stephen Curry has, once again, been dominating the conversation surrounding the NBA. While there’s a ton of hype surrounding Russell Westbrook and James Harden, the NBA still revolves around the Golden State Warriors. And if one semester of astronomy taught me anything it’s that revolutions are caused by gravity and no NBA player has more of it than Curry.

Fans and experts have been breaking down Curry’s apparent drop off. He’s nowhere near the level he was at last year when he was named the league’s first unanimous MVP. The chatter has grown louder and louder and it’s reached his ears.

On Wednesday night, Curry came out firing. He, at least for the moment, silenced a lot of his doubters. He proved that while his numbers have fallen, his talent level hasn’t. He’s still just as special and gifted as he was during his two MVP seasons.

The superstar point guard scored 33 points in the Warriors’ victory over the Portland Trailblazers and he made it look pretty easy. It was vintage Curry as he hit from deep and drove the ball.

None of his shots were more impressive than this one.

I didn’t quite get the full experience in real-time. This is a move that you need to watch over and over again from every angle possible at every speed. It’s amazing.

Curry isn’t known has a high flyer or a freakish athlete like a Westbrook, but he hung up in the air for a long time here. He drove baseline looking to pass it off to big man Zaza Pachuloa (#NBAVote).  When that wasn’t there, he had to move the ball from his left hand into his right one.

Then he scooped up the beautiful reverse layup. It was impressive that he had the hang time and the presence of mind to switch the ball from his left to his right hand. As he ran back on defense, he looked at both of his hands in awe.

When Curry gets going, there isn’t a more exciting player in the league. He can drain a 30 footer then come down and make an acrobatic layup like this one. He won’t put up numbers like he did last year because he doesn’t have to.

Make no mistake: Steph Curry can still crush souls when he wants to.

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