Steph Curry gets shot swatted by teenager at scrimmage in Taiwan

David Richard/David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

So this isn’t…ideal.

By "this" I mean the series of events that occurred at an Under Armour-sponsored scrimmage in Taiwan this week, which included one Stephen Curry having his attempted game-winner bludgeoned out of the sky by a small teenager.

ABS-CBN sportscaster TJ Manotoc (h/t’s Gavin Evans) tweeted footage from the event, where Curry tried to launch a game-winner with the clock expiring only to be stuffed by 17-year-old Gian Mamuyac.


So it looks bad, but there is a possible silver lining here. Or at least a bronze lining. And that is Mamuyac knows what he’s doing. The teenager is currently enrolled at Ateneo High School, a powerhouse hoops prep school in the Philippines. He’s also played for the Filipino U-18 team.

So he’s a good basketball kid. There are worse shames than having your stuff packed and crated by a good basketball kid โ€” even if you were just selected the planet’s best basketball player this year.

Curry handled the block well, jokingly asking for a do-over of the final moments of the game. Mamuyac obliged, this time with Harden defense.

Mamuyac was selected MVP of the scrimmage, which is a thing, and the two took a photo after the game.

Curry has reportedly invited Mamuyac to his personal camp in the U.S.

No word on whether Mamuyac has leveraged his card collection and taken out a loan in order to attend.

Dan is on Twitter. Curry’s blocked shot happened with 3 to 1 seconds remaining on the clock.