Stan Van Gundy on trades: “not a lot going on”

Stan Van Gundy and the Pistons look ready to stand pat.

Raj Mehta

Like most teams, the Detroit Pistons are the subject of many rumors as the NBA trade deadline approaches. But Stan Van Gundy, according to David Mayo of, doesn’t sound like he’s ready to take any plunges:

“We’ve probably talked to 20 teams about 30 different possibilities,” Van Gundy said tonight, after the Pistons’ first practice back from the All-Star break. “we’ve talked about just about everybody. Everybody on our roster has been mentioned some time. There’s nothing imminent. There’s nothing we’re really working on, trying to zero in on. We’ve basically said no to everything, or other people have said no, so we’re not really anywhere along the spectrum.”

We’ll see if the Pistons’ famously grumpy leader changes his tune by the end of the day.