Smash Mouth is mad at Draymond Green

Smash Mouth has taken exception to Draymond Green lashing out at Kevin Durant on the floor.

The Golden State Warriors blowing a 24-point lead against the Memphis Grizzlies left a bad taste in everybody’s mouth on Friday night. The team once again failed to hold onto a big lead and they let it slip away in the fourth quarter. One of the big talking points from the game was Draymond Green voicing his displeasure with Kevin Durant taking a shot for himself that wasn’t designed that way. In case anyone was wondering, the band Smash Mouth, who were once that band from Shrek everyone loved, didn’t enjoy Green lashing out.

They decided to send Green a bunch of tweets and let him know that their are already coaches on the team. They then proceeded to tell him to go sign with the Lakers and hoped that someone would knock him out on the floor. They would delete their tweets, but they live on with the Internet forever.

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While there are some, like Smash Mouth, that got offended by Green voicing his displeasure with Durant, it’s important to remember that a player like Green gives his all. He also wants what’s best for his team. Even if that means not always stating the popular opinion and letting a fellow superstar know when it wasn’t the right move.

The tweets here tho are something else and a reminder that even bands of yesteryear will occasionally chime in and speak out with fandom. They’re Warriors fans for sure, but probably telling Green they hope he gets knocked out wasn’t the smartest thing to say.

Emotions were running high after a tough loss and words were said. Still, no one on earth wants to see Green leave and go sign with the Lakers in the process of being knocked out. He’s a leader on the team and one of the best they have ever had.

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