Should the Brooklyn Nets Trade Rondae Hollis-Jefferson?

The Brooklyn Nets are rumored to be willing to listen to offers for Rondae Hollis-Jefferson. With half the season complete, the Nets have the worst record in the NBA and look to improve their situation.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson is averaging 8.1 points, 4.6 rebounds, two assists and 1.1 steals in 21.8 minutes over 37 games played this season. His jump shot is still non-existent, and his defense has not necessarily improved enough to compensate for the lack of offense. In fact, his field goal percentage has dropped from 45.7 percent in his rookie season to 39.7 percent this season.

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Zach Lowe of ESPN commented on how Hollis-Jefferson and Caris LeVert are fun to watch. In such a miserable season, it is hard to argue with him. If the Nets don’t trade Hollis-Jefferson, he can still fit into the Nets’ rotation, despite not necessarily fitting the offense head coach Kenny Atkinson wants to run.

Atkinson wants to run a fast-paced offense that gets shooters open. Though Hollis-Jefferson can’t really shoot, he does make plays on defense that allows him to score on a fast break or in transition. However, Hollis-Jefferson is adaptable. Atkinson has felt comfortable enough to give the 6-foot-7 swingman minutes at the power forward position.

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Hollis-Jefferson is a likable young man and a good hustle player that could become an invaluable role player on any team. With that being said, it only makes sense for the Nets to listen to offers for the 22-year-old defensive swingman.

Brook Lopez arguably has the most trade value, but it is very unlikely, if, and/or when Lopez is traded, he is the only player shipped out of Brooklyn. The Nets are very high on Caris LeVert, so it is almost safe to assume (baring an offer Sean Marks can’t refuse) that the rookie out of Michigan is close to untouchable.

One could argue Sean Kilpatrick might be the best trade asset to attach in a hypothetical Lopez trade, due to his production and ridiculously team-friendly contract. However, Kilpatrick is 27 years old and the first player Marks signed. If teams really wanted to acquire Kilpatrick, they already had every chance to do so.

Deductive reasoning would conclude that Hollis-Jefferson is the best trade asset to attach to a Lopez trade, if not the most likely player in Brooklyn (besides Lopez) to be traded. Take into consideration that he is still on his rookie contract, the likelihood of a trade seems more probable.

Should the Nets trade Hollis-Jefferson? It depends on what they trade him for. If the Nets can get a first-round pick in this year’s draft or next year’s, then they should probably pull the trigger on the deal. If they cannot get a first-round draft pick, a competent scorer, or role player, then they should keep the young man from Chester, Pennsylvania, and continue to develop him.

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