Shaq pulls total dad move, takes son’s new Lambo until he gets all A’s

Shaq has all the dad tricks down cold.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Shaquille O’Neal recently helped throw an incredible 16th birthday party for his son Shareef, which reportedly included 400 guests, a performance from rapper Post Malone and a massive candy bar.

Oh, and it also included Shareef’s gifts — a brand new Lamborghini AND a brand new Jeep.

But there’s a catch. 

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Shaq won’t let his son drive the Lamborghini unless he gets straight A’s, and right now he says Shareef has a low-B average. Shaq explained his reasoning on the latest episode of "The Big podcast with Shaq":

“It’s called incentives. You do good … Put it this way, I bought them, they’re his regardless. But you get all A’s, lambo’s yours … you can have it whenever you want it. It’s at my house in the garage. Let’s not get it twisted. I bought them for him but I didn’t give it to him that day. But they’re his. You get all A’s, son, the lamborghini’s yours whenever you want it. He has a low B average. I told him to get that low B average and if you do certain things in basketball, when you get your license you can get the Jeep. "I’m a master of making things look more expensive than they are. Of course the lambo is expensive, but Jeeps are $25,000. So I put a hell of a paint job on it, I put some thangs on it for him, that’s what the little kids like, so when he gets his license I’ll definitely give him that."

Classic dad move.

That wasn’t the only piece of evidence for Shaq’s early "Dad of the Year" campaign, though. Shaq explained how he kept the party clean:

"He’s a good kid, most of his friends are good kids and I was there. I’m the chaperone. Ain’t nothin’ going down. Him doing that by himself? No way ever. I’m there, have fun, listen to some music. Ain’t gonna be no slippin’ no alcohol. Ain’t gonna be no goin’ in the back smokin’ weed. None of that. I was there. "So, it’s good to let these kids have fun. Gotta let them have fun … You have to give them some type of release. I told him if he did good in school he could have what he wanted. He said he just wanted to have a nice Sweet 16 … My thing is, if I’m there, I’m guaranteeing you ain’t nothin’ gonna go down. I was walking around and people be like, ‘What are you doing?’ And I’m like, ‘I know what I’m doing.’ Because these 16-year-olders, everything they’re thinking of I invented. "’Let me go in the bathroom.’ So I’m in the bathroom. ‘Let me go in the back behind the good truck.’ So I’m back there."

And he explained how he keeps his son grounded in reality when he does things like buy him two cars before he even has his license.

"I tell him all the time, ‘From zero to 16 [years old], we’re rich. But as soon as you get 18, it goes back to reality: I’m rich.’"

Gotta say: Shaq is dominating this parenthood thing. He’s got the oldest tricks in the book locked down.