Shaq slams Aaron Gordon’s bro, remains terrible slam dunk judge

Don't come at Shaq on Twitter if you aren't prepared to back it up.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

On Saturday night, the Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon barely lost one of the most entertaining Slam Dunk contests in history against Minnesota Timberwolves guard Zach LaVine. 

Shaquille O’Neal was one of five judges who helped decide the winner, and throughout the evening he was by far the toughest panel member to please. Despite doing things nobody has ever seen before, Gordon could only get a nine from O’Neal on a dunk every other judge awarded a 10. 

This did not sit well with Gordon’s brother, Drew, who ripped off a series of inflammatory tweets soon after the contest was over. Naturally, one was aimed squarely at Shaq:

Being one of the most intimidating people who’s ever walked this planet, O’Neal refused to take the attack lying down. On Monday night, Diesel fired back:

Does Shaq have a point? Debatable. It’s always more impressive when dunkers make their dunks without missing — and pulling this craziness off on a first attempt deserves a flawless score:

But still, what Gordon did was an unprecedented athletic achievement nobody else on the planet could (probably) rival. 

Maybe we need a new way to judge these things.