Shaq responds to Kevin Durant ripping him over JaVale McGee criticism

The Shaq-JaVale McGee feud went nuclear late Thursday night after O’Neal made fun of his favorite target again during “Inside the NBA”, and on Friday, McGee’s Golden State Warriors teammates went to bat for him.

Kevin Durant, in particular, lashed out at O’Neal, saying among other things, “Shaq was a (expletive) free throw shooter. He missed dunks, he airballed free throws, he couldn’t shoot outside the paint. He was bigger than everybody. He didn’t have any skills.”

Shaq responded to Durant, however he overlooked the outrageous comment.

Shaq recently spoke to FS1’s Chris Broussard about how he ignored criticism from Phil Jackson and former stars during his career.

He said his way was to do his talking on the court, like he did in response to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar when he scored 61 on his birthday against the Clippers back in 2000.

Maybe JaVale and KD should watch that one. Or any of the countless other highlights from Shaq’s Hall of Fame career.

Either way, it’s no sweat to Shaq. He knows he’s got skillz.