After draft-night love fest, Napier unfollows LeBron, deletes all tweets

It was one of the stories of draft night — the NBA runner-up Miami Heat pulling off a shrewd deal to pick up national champion point guard Shabazz Napier. But after a whirlwind two weeks ended with LeBron James announcing his return to Cleveland last week, what looked like basketball’s newest bromance is over before it ever really began.

And it all played out on social media . . . sort of.

First, let’s rewind. When the Heat acquired Napier, the 24th overall pick, back in June, James let the world know his happiness.

This came as little surprise, as The King had long made it known he was a big of Napier:

And shortly after LeBron’s draft night tweet, Napier returned the favor, taking an increased interest in James on Twitter.

But now that James is going to once again be a Cavalier, well, jilted BFF, thy name is Shabazz Napier.

After James’ announcement, Napier unfollowed James on Twitter and deleted all tweets he had sent James.

Of course, Napier is not the first rookie to be spurned by James and let his emotions come out on Twitter. Shortly after he was drafted No. 3 overall, Kansas big man Joel Embiid attempted to recruit LeBron to Philadelphia.

It clearly did not work, and this is what Embiid tweeted after James’ Cavs announcement:

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