Seth Meyers mining LeBron’s future for laughs

Like a lot of other folks, Seth Meyers is waiting to learn where

LeBron James is going to play basketball next season.

But Meyers’ interest is purely for laughs. The host of “Weekend

Update” on “Saturday Night Live” is mining the drama over James’

decision for some comic nuggets to use when Meyers hosts the ESPY


The annual show honoring the year’s best sports moments airs

live on ESPN on July 14 from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

“I really like the idea of an entire hour of television being

dedicated to a person naming one team,” Meyers joked Wednesday.

“That’s really exciting.”

James is expected to announce his future destination in an

hour-long special airing Thursday night on ESPN.

Although James’ decision will be known by the time of the ESPYS,

Meyers said, “We can make jokes about how it happened.”

With James and several other high-profile NBA free agents

considering switching teams, Meyers said it’s had an effect on the


“We had written a huge opening musical number, `Everyone Is

Playing for the Chicago Bulls,’ and it’s already completely

obsolete,” he said.

Meyers presented at last year’s ESPYs, and is hosting for the

first time.

“What I’m most anxious about is, I’ve certainly joked about

athletes before but never when they’re actually physically there,”

he said.

Following an ESPYs tradition, Meyers has pretaped comedy bits

with some athletes.

“They are hilarious,” he promised. “I went to the best sports

show host ever, and I asked Peyton Manning for a favor. The

athletes are always very game.”

Among the scheduled presenters are Will Ferrell, singer Kenny

Chesney, former ESPYs host Samuel L. Jackson, Tracy Morgan, Danica

Patrick, Olympic snowboarder Shaun White, and actor Zac Efron.