Seth Curry Still Trying to Find His Rhythm

Looking to take the next step in his career after signing in Dallas, Seth Curry is still trying to find his rhythm in his new role…whatever that is.

After appearing in 44 games last year in Sacramento, Seth Curry found himself hitting unrestricted free agency after the Kings renounced his rights over the summer. Looking to capitalize on his 45% shooting from behind the arc, Curry came into Dallas trying to secure a larger role in a rotation.

Would Curry step right into the Raymond Felton role in Dallas? Would he be the first guy off the bench in the back court? Would he take minutes away from J.J. Barea or Devin Harris?

Questions surrounded the Curry addition, but one thing almost everyone knew for certain was the fact that Curry had untapped potential that has yet to take full form yet.

But we all know how Rick Carlisle is with his rotations.

Carlisle is known to favor his trusted veterans instead of his young guns and this year looked to be the same in the back court until Devin Harris went down in the preseason.

In Dallas’ last preseason game in Denver, an orthotic broke in Harris’ shoe that resulted in a foot injury that is sidelining the veteran guard for at least three weeks. Suddenly, the door was wide open for Seth Curry to prove to Carlisle he is worthy of Harris’ minutes.

Fast forward almost a week and a half since the Harris injury and the Dallas Mavericks are 0-3 with Seth Curry averaging five points and one assist on 28% shooting from behind the arc…all while averaging over 20 minutes a game.

When asked about his confidence after the Houston game in Dallas, Curry says his confidence is just fine. “Yeah I feel confident for sure…I’m fine confidence wise.”

Oct 1, 2016; Bossier City, LA, USA; Dallas Mavericks center A.J. Hammons (20) and guard Seth Curry (30) on the bench during the second half against the New Orleans Pelicans at CenturyLink Center. New Orleans won 116-102. Mandatory Credit: Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

I think we all are accustomed to watching his brother bounce around with the ball while confidently launching up 30-footers in a system that gives him that green light. We have to remember this isn’t Seth and this is not the same system in Golden State.

Seth, like Harrison Barnes, is still adjusting to his new role and new responsibilities off the bench. When I asked him if he likes the shots he’s getting, Curry likes his shots, but admits he’s still trying to find his rhythm.

“Yeah pretty good. I’m still trying to find my rhythm out there. Make plays with the ball and things like that. Just trying to be aggressive out there and make a difference on the game. Gotta get the starters a little edge and make some runs when we are out there with the bench group.”

This is a team built with a lot of new faces in new systems, finding each one of their rhythms is going to take some time. We must remember the same applies to Curry as it does to Barnes.

But is Curry’s role actually defined?

Even though he has played in only three regular season games in Dallas, he has logged 15, 20 and 25 minutes in each game. When Dirk Nowitzki was a late scratch to the game in Houston on Sunday, it was Curry who was thrown into the starting unit. His role has changed throughout the first three games.

Dallas was spoiled last year with veteran Raymond Felton as the veteran gave Carlisle someone who could change his role on a nightly basis. Whether it was filling in for a regular starter, running point of the second unit, or being the primary scorer off the bench, Felton stepped up to the challenge even when his role was constantly changing.

Curry might need his role defined as he isn’t the seasoned veteran that Felton is. This is the first time in Curry’s NBA career where he signed a multi-year contract to have a solid role in a rotation. Bottom line, he’s still trying to figure himself out in the league.

Is Curry just a fill in for Harris? Is he primarily a point guard or two guard? Will he be the fill in starter for when injuries take place? Will he have the constant green light in the second unit?

These are questions that we don’t know the answer to but questions that Curry might need answered as he tries to find his rhythm.

Curry’s role and responsibilities might be changing, but the advice from his older brother, Stephen Curry, remains the same.

“Nothing new. Same old stuff. Keep playing well and keep playing aggressive” -Curry on advice Steph has given him this season.

Aggression is the key with Curry. The Curry family was made to score the basketball and Curry has to keep that in mind for whatever role he has in Dallas.

Time will tell if the Seth Curry experiment will work in Dallas, but for now, let the kid find his rhythm before counting him out after three games.

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