Did Dwight Howard give Chandler Parsons a Ferrari just for getting a Mohawk?

Parsons (left) and Howard are in cahoots on and off the court. 

David Sherman/NBAE/Getty Images

Okay, so maybe basketball stars are not just like us. 

Because if his Instagram video is true, Dwight Howard just gave his Houston Rockets teammate Chandler Parsons a Ferrari … just for getting a Mohawk.

Sure, Parsons sports a good head of hair, but it’s not like the Rockets forward and resident "pretty boy" was terribly attached to his well-styled coif: Last year, the 25-year-old famously shaved his head in support of a young cancer patient

Apparently, Howard offered to give Parsons either a Ferrari or a Maybach in exchange for this new punk hairstyle, and Parsons chose the Ferrari. 

But judging by the visible amounts of hair still on the sides of Parsons’ head, it looks more like a faux hawk than a Mohawk (a Mohawk-ling?): 

UPDATE: Turns out the Ferrari was just a loaner, and not for keeps. 

"I just let him borrow my car for the playoffs," Howard told the Houston Chronicle. "I didn’t actually buy Chandler a Ferrari for a Mohawk. That would be crazy. Not that nice. I love Chandler to death, but I worked hard for that car."

Still, no doubt there’d be those willing to shave it all off (and more) if that Maybach is up for grabs. 

(H/t Bleacher Report)