Screaming Spurs fan gains buzz

The end of Monday’s Spurs-Warriors game was exciting. Super exciting. Like, all-time classic exciting.

But no one was as audibly pumped by San Antonio’s epic fourth-quarter rally as one shrieking Spurs fan at the AT&T Center, who earned herself the dubious — and totally appropriate — title of “Screaming Spurs Lady” late in the Spurs’ 129-127 double-overtime victory.

Her shrieking, apparently directly into one of TNT’s microphones, was that bad. And if you don’t believe it, listen for yourself during this clip from the final seconds of last night’s fourth quarter:

One could hardly blame her for her excitement, of course. San Antonio trailed by 16 points with four minutes left in the game before Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard provided a jolt to the Spurs offense during an 18-2 run to end regulation, while the defense forced Golden State to miss eight of its final nine shots.

And she certainly wasn’t the only person in the arena wailing like she was. But, goodness, could she have been any more poorly placed with respect to the location of the mic?

The sentiment was echoed across the Twitterverse, too:

She even earned herself her own twitter account:

Game 2 between the Spurs and Warriors is Wednesday night in the same building. I’d never wish for a boring playoff game, but if Screaming Spurs Lady has the same seats, it might be in the best interests of all of us that we get one.