Cory Joseph on Spurs’ release: ‘It wasn’t much of a shock to me’

Cory Joseph is happy in Toronto.
Alex Brandon/AP

For the past few years, Cory Joseph was arguably the San Antonio Spurs' most underrated player. He'd regularly fill in for Tony Parker in big spots and come through on both ends of the floor.

Now he's with the Toronto Raptors, in part because San Antonio pulled Joseph's qualifying offer in their attempt to get LaMarcus Aldridge. It worked out great for both sides, and today there's no hard feelings, per the San Antonio Express-News:

Joseph is enjoying the best season of his career, with statistical highs across the board. 

He's especially effective when Toronto goes with a three-guard lineup and lets him handle the ball beside Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan. It's safe to say Joseph is happy with how everything turned out.

Asked if he was shocked the Spurs pulled their qualifying offer, the 24-year-old point guard said no, as he was informed that action could occur. “It wasn’t much of a shock,” Joseph said. “They let me know if they had a chance to get LA [LaMarcus Aldridge], then it would be possible that they would release me. … It wasn’t completely a shock to me because everybody knows how good of a player LA is.”

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