LaMarcus Aldridge: Blazers ‘did everything that they could’ to keep me

Seems like LaMarcus Aldridge left Portland for all the right reasons.

Jerome Miron/Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

LaMarcus Aldridge left the Portland Trail Blazers over the summer, in a free-agency move that ultimately gutted that franchise and ended their hope of winning a championship anytime soon.


“No, I think they did everything that they could,” said Aldridge. “I thought they were trying to see what I wanted, what I needed. They were trying to keep me involved every step of the process. I thought that they definitely made me feel like they wanted me back. They were very interested in having me back, they wanted me to still be the focal point of the offense, so I don’t think there was much they could have done. I think it was just that time, where we had tried and tried and tried and I feel like San Antonio, and being home, it was just a lot of positives. Like I said being home was one of my goals and to be there and to just see my family was key.”

But it was his decision to make. Every player has the right to set their own priorities, and clearly Aldridge wants to win a championship. Here’s what he told Sports Illustrated about leaving the only team he’d ever played for:


Aldridge went from being a co-franchise player to, well — it’s totally debatable who is the alpha dog in San Antonio’s unselfish system, or if one even exists. Everyone eats there. Aldridge definitely won’t get as many touches as he once did. He won’t be nearly as comfortable, either. 


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But sacrifices must be made in order to win, and Aldridge was ready to make them, regardless of whatever Portland had to say.


(h/t: RealGM)