Watch Spurs’ giant humble and humiliate Philadelphia’s ‘process’

Boban Marjanovic is unstoppable.
Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

San Antonio Spurs rookie Boban Marjanovic is having himself quite the week. Last night, he dropped a career-high 18 points on the eternally-hapless Philadelphia 76ers. 

It was poetry in the post. The 7'3″ Marjanovic displayed incredible touch with a number of jump hooks that looked so natural coming out of his right hand. The whole thing was an exercise in effortlessness.

If you didn't watch this entire video, make sure you do, because with 20 seconds left in the game, Marjanovic puts a move on Jahlil Okafor that you typically don't see one NBA player do to another. 

It's more like something your dad did when you were five years old. Go watch it on a loop.

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