Brett Brown wants his Sixers to be the Spurs

Brett Brown really misses his time on the sideline of a winning team.
Bill Streicher/Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia 76ers and San Antonio Spurs are polar opposites in so many different ways. One team is great, the other team is a disaster. One team has a clear identity on both ends of the floor, the other has a vague inkling of what it's trying to do.

But they're connected by Brett Brown, head coach of the Sixers who used to be Gregg Popovich's assistant in San Antonio. And Brown wants his current team to play more like his old team, per

The Sixers are years away from moving the ball like the Spurs, if they ever get there at all. The talent level is so much lower, and there's a good chance Philadelphia sees more and more personnel turnover over the next few seasons, something the Spurs try to avoid as they cake chemistry and trust within their roster.

This is wishful thinking from a man who might not realize how much trouble he's in.

“It's funny when you start studying stats. Some teams don't rely on (threes) so much, they just take good shots,” Brown said. “Look at the analytics of say, Houston. And then look at the analytics of, say, the Spurs. Completely different. If you watched San Antonio (Monday), they make shots. They don't have to all be threes. We all get caught in this free throw, layup or three world that I think this thing is not coached by an abacus. It's not that. It's people. And good shots are good shots. And if you're open, you should take some. We've learned that long twos can be rhythm breakers and run breakers. You want to run, you just need a good shot. It's still, to me, about clean looks. We want to tilt toward open threes. We need our guys making some shots.”

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