Is this the end for these Spurs?

Tony Parker refused to consider it, though it can’t be ruled


Those last, agonizing moments of the NBA Finals may have been

the last we see of these San Antonio Spurs.

Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Parker have been together for more

than a decade, through more than 100 postseason victories. They are

proud winners who have endured some crushing defeats, but nothing

ever hurt like this NBA championship that got away.

”It’s tough to come so close,” Parker said. ”Those last two

games are tough, especially Game 6.”

San Antonio officially lost its chance for a fifth NBA title

with its 95-88 loss to the Miami Heat in Game 7 on Thursday night.

But the Game 6 defeat, when the Spurs couldn’t hold a five-point

lead in the final half-minute of regulation, is the one they might

lament far longer.

The Spurs have always gotten back up when knocked down, even

when it was done in such a tough manner.

When Derek Fisher’s stunning shot with 0.4 seconds left helped

send the Los Angeles Lakers past the Spurs in the second round of

the 2004 playoffs, San Antonio came back and won the title the next


When the Dallas Mavericks ousted them with a Game 7 overtime

victory in San Antonio in the 2006 playoffs, the Spurs came back

and won the title the next year.

Coming back from this one might be a far tougher task.

Duncan is 37, still near the very top of the list of NBA big men

but approaching the final steps of a path that will end up in the

Hall of Fame. Ginobili will be a 36-year-old free agent next month

whose game shows signs of a drop-off, his body no longer always

able to execute some of those daring plays his mind thinks up.

It’s been a heartbreaking year on the court for Ginobili,

starting when the Spurs blew a 2-0 lead against Oklahoma City in

the 2012 Western Conference finals. Argentina then missed a chance

for another Olympic medal when it was edged by Russia in the

third-place game in London, and now this.

So he wasn’t able to consider his future in the moments after

Game 7, saying it wasn’t the time.

”At this point, it’s very hard because we are all sad and

disappointed, but as I said before, when there’s such a fine line

and we were so close of winning it, I mean, everything can be like

failure or success just because of a shot,” Ginobili said. ”You

understand what I’m saying? So I am trying to put things in

perspective, but it’s very hard. And the next few days are going to

be very hard.”

Parker is only 31, but like Ginobili has played so many games in

the NBA and with his national team that it’s not surprising his

body betrays him. This time it happened at the worst time, a

hamstring strain in the finals that may have contributed to his

poor shooting nights in the final two games.

The Spurs didn’t feel they needed to change last year, even

after the Thunder vaulted past them to the top of the West,

believing another year of growth for Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green

was the improvement they needed, and they may decide they can bring

this group back one more time.

But Russell Westbrook should be back for Oklahoma City after a

knee injury in the playoffs knocked the All-Star out of the lineup

for the No. 1 seed, and the West is always loaded with three or

four other contenders.

Leonard appears to be a star in the making, and Green had a

record-setting start to the finals before fizzling out at the

finish. They could be even better all-around players next year. San

Antonio has one of the league’s best front offices, finding talent

around the globe, so count on the Spurs finding someone who can

help them out.

Coach Gregg Popovich said he’ll be back, though he loses an

important member of his staff with Mike Budenholzer leaving to

become coach of the Atlanta Hawks.

But as always with the Spurs, the focus will be on their Big

Three. Duncan, Parker and Ginobili led a memorable run this season,

long after they could still be expected to do it.

”That’s character,” Popovich said. ”We’ve got a bunch of guys

who aren’t going to give in, keep playing with each other, for each

other, and really feel the responsibility to each other. So I

expect nothing less, and that’s what I got.”

Perhaps for the last time.