Parker’s take on why Diaw doesn’t sit: ‘Pop wants him to lose weight’

Is Boris Diaw not in shape?
Kristy Sparow/Getty Images

The San Antonio Spurs are better known for resting their star players than any team in the league. Obviously, it’s worked out well for them, as their Big 3 are all still playing at a high level. 

But key cog Boris Diaw doesn’t have that luxury. The 33-year-old has appeared in all of San Antonio’s 32 games, and Tony Parker has an idea why. Here’s what he told the Associated Press:

''I think it's because Pop wants him to lose weight,'' Parker said about his friend and fellow Frenchman. ''But I have to give credit to Bobo though he's been playing very well and been taking care of his body. He's looking good and he played great tonight.'' Diaw sees his lack of rest differently. ''Why would I? I'm so young,'' he said. ''I'm same age as Tony, but I don't age as much as much as they do. I stay young.''

Diaw is averaging only 18.9 minutes per game, which is his lowest tally since 2005. But it’s still notable that Popovich has yet to afford him with a single night of rest; there’s precedent to assume weight issues might be a factor. 

Either that or Parker is just having fun with a pal. Both scenarios are really funny.

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